One Hand In My Pocket

I grew up in a home full of pocket doors, and honestly I used to despise them. I never really understood the draw of having to work in order to slide open and close a door. They are often hard to lock and not always visually appealing. I understand they save space from a bulky door and are very necessary in tight spaces. I guess you could say, I never understood the appeal until I discovered an entirely different breed of pocket doors.

This new breed of pocket doors is larger, lacquered, mirrored, molded and full of interesting  hardware. They bring the fabulous to functionality. These are the type of doors you want to take out of your back pocket and into your home!


A Chinoiserie Hallway with Pocket Doors by Ashley Whitaker

An entry by designer Ashley Whittaker and architect Tom Felton with some beautiful wooden pocket doors on display. Obsessed with the Gracie wallpaper. Via New York Spaces

Interior by Thomas O'Brien. via Veranda

A splash of black pocket doors in this living area. Via Veranda

A fantastic panty via Residence Style

A fantastic full service pantry with glass pocket doors.

Beautiful pocket doors by Andrée Putman interior

I love the elegance and modern glamour of this space, those french pocket doors are remarkable.

Carolina Herrera Baez Dining Room

Carolina Herrera Baez uses pocket doors to transition into her dining area. How about those pink walls? Would you ever pull it off? Via Elle Decor

David Kleinberg and Peter Pennoyer Architects for Veranda Magazine

David Kleinberg and Peter Pennoyer create sophisticated black pocket doors in this dining area. I love the creamy white highlights in the door. Via Veranda

Michael S Smith via Elle Decor

Michael S. Smith felt the need to use pocket doors in this master bedroom. Pocket doors allow large spaces to be scaled down and gives a sense of completion.

Pocket Doors The Potted Boxwood 2

Now, those are some intricate pocket doors. Detail matters.

Pocket Doors_The Potted Boxwood. 3

A fabulous use of pocket doors off of this entry. I appreciate how you can make the space open if you like, and you can make the room more intimate by a simple close of the doors.

Pocket Doors_The Potted Boxwood. 5

Pocket doors off of this kitchen. Look at the cutouts and the antique mirrors. Fantastic!

Pocket Doors_The Potted Boxwood. 7

Perfectly appointed pocket doors.  I love the glass and the molding details. Phenomenal. Those floors are pretty spectacular too.

Pocket Doors_The Potted Boxwood. 10

Sleek pocket doors with blocks of wood and glass. Via AD

Pocket Doors_The Potted Boxwood

I love the warmth of this space which can easily be made more personal with the close of the pocket doors. Via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Shuan Jackson design via Elle Decor

Shaun Jackson creates a modern, chic, and cool dining space with pocket doors that are uniquely framed. Via Elle Decor

The Potted Boxwood Pocket Doors

Large pocket doors transition the spaces in this home with a very open floor plan.