Pillows & Potties

Hi friends! I have definitely been in a summer state of mind recently. Traveling makes it hard to get a post together, but it is surely inspiring me for great posts to come. While I have been at my parent’s house in Florida, I have posed a few questions for debate on instagram.

The first debate was on pillows. How often do you change your pillows? The overwhelming majority said they change them every year! I was shocked and very quickly ordered a pair of my mom’s favorite pillows (see below).
The second debate was on toilets. Yes, you heard me. My parents were looking for new toilets for the powder bath. I asked my followers about their favorite toilet brand. It was a 50/50 tie between Kohler and Toto. There were so many opinions about toilets, it was definitely great feedback!

See below for my favorite pillows and potties. Two things we use everyday! (can’t say I’m not practical)

I will do a more comprehensive bedroom and bathroom post later, but for now you can find my favorites here.


Yves Delorme Pillow

These Yves Delorme pillows are soft, supportive and really lovely. They are down though, so careful for allergies!


Another excellent pillow brand, Muhlforder. We bought ours in the Peninsula Chicago gift store!  Can’t find a U.S. online retailer though!


The top picks from my followers: Toto and Kohler
runners up: DXV, American Standard, Rohl

some thoughts on picking a toilet-

  • never round (always elongated)
  • a soft close lid is a really great feature
  • comfort height is crucial- no one likes to sink low to sit
  • toilets come in one piece or two pieces. One whole piece is easier to clean (no crevices), but two pieces are much less expensive.
  • change the flusher finish to match your bathroom finishes
  • skirted toilets look sleek and help with easy cleaning
  • toilets with too much technology involved require battery replacements (self cleaners/sensor flush/automatic lids)
  • one follower mentioned it is nice to have a flat lid, so you can put things on the back
  • top push flushes instead of handle flushers can be up to $200 to replace
  • don’t put a confusing toilet in your guest/powder bath. No one wants to have to ask how to flush the toilet!

Memoirs toilet

Kohler Memoirs This is the toilet that we chose for my parent’s powder bath. I love the molded look of it. Make sure you get it comfort height and skirted (see skirted example below)


White Skirted Memoirs Toilet


The same toilet as above, but skirted to cover the ugly plumbing lines.

White Devonshire Toilet

Kohler Devonshire This toilet was specifically named by several followers as a favorite. You can change this and make this skirted too!

Toto Toilet


Toto Toilet Tons of followers love this brand with a passion. Several followers said to stick with the non-fancy Totos! I think that is great advice.



Another recommended Toto!