Topiary Times

loithai topiaries 2

topiaries against blue shutters by @loithai

I must admit, I have a had a lot going on personally recently. I am directing all my strength and power into a sweet little nine year-old girl who is fighting a brave battle with bone cancer. I may share more of the details here another time, but for now you can read more about her here if you are interested in helping:
When it came to today’s post, I wanted something light-hearted that would make anyone smile. Besides potted boxwood being the obvious choice, topiaries of any kind always do the trick for me too. So please enjoy the manicured, yet natural look of my favorite displays of green. They make great gifts, as well as add texture and life to any interior or exterior room.

Enjoy this little Monday pick-me-up that will have you swinging by your local nursery asap!


@jennyroseinnes gorgeous topiaries

ny topiary


Palomo Mochino

Beautiful backyard of @PaoloMoschino

Mark D Sikes

@markdsikes backyard topiaries

loithai topiaries

@lothai topiaries
tory burch
topiaries in the foyer of @toryburch via AD
ny topiary 2

bunny mellon

The ultimate topiary queen, Bunny Mellon