Poetry of Place

In my mind, McAlpine is a name synonymous with excellent architecture. Bobby McAlpine’s new book, Poetry of Place highlights his exceptional range of architectural talent. His work is undoubtedly timeless. He builds houses that look as if they have been there for years, yet still possess a fresh curb appeal. McAlpine understands that each house tells the story of how it became a home. In this book, McAlpine shares that story from his poignant voice. He takes you through the process of having a vision and brings it to life through beautiful photographs of his masterful work.

This book exemplifies that beauty must first come from the heart before it can be made into a home. That is the most gorgeous poetry of all.

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Poerty of Place


McAlpine understands how to beautifully transition exteriors into interiors. This photo captures how his architectural details compliment the exterior landscape.

Gorgeous checkerboard floors and wood paneling. This home will look just as stunning in the next 1,000 years.

I love the light, contrast, and fresh ambience of this kitchen.

AD, Baton Rouge, estersohn

This just embodies the great detail in every aspect of McAlpine’s design.


I love how this bathroom brings the outdoors inside with beautiful greenery shining through the chic windows.
PoetryofPlace_p115Such great attention to detail. McAlpine really understands the importance of windows, shutters, and symmetry.