Sea Side Celerie

Happy April! This is not a joke post. Although, I did seriously consider it. I was going to post some gaudy home with an all black bathroom from tiles to toilet, plenty of paisley patterns, and glass block galore. I decided that while that would be entertaining for you, the people who own that home would most likely be offended and I am not in the business of hurting people’s feelings. Everyone has their version of good taste and who am I to judge!

That being said, I will happily judge Celerie Kemble’s Dominican retreat featured in this month’s Architectural Digest. It is cheerful, colorful, relaxed, and totally chic. This is just the kind of inspirational design that I want to see for the start of Spring. It makes me happy, and who doesn’t want to be happy that we are half way through the week.

For more images of Celerie’s home pick up the latest copy of Architectural Digest.

Celerie Kemble Home in Dominican Republic 2

A picturesque island home in the Dominican Republic. Lush greenery, colorful doors, and stone steps.

Celerie Kemble Home in Dominican Republic 3

The light fixtures! Look at the light fixtures! White washed floors and an eclectic use of art and objects. That is the thing about vacation homes, it should always feel relaxed and approachable.

Celerie Kemble Home in Dominican Republic 4

Whimsy and playful, this dining area has the potential to be very elegant for a dinner party and very casually chic for a luncheon. I love the basket of towels in the right corner, fabulous!

Celerie Kemble Home in Dominican Republic 8

The Kemble clan in their divine Dominican home. Look at the floors and all the details from the walls to the shuttered doors. So superb!

Celerie Kemble Home in Dominican Republic 6

A very varied mix of prints and patterns. Of course, that is the best part of destination homes, everything can be as informal as you like! Despite that, this room is very put together. An ability Celerie has clearly perfected!


Celerie Kemble Home in Dominican Republic 9

A sweet retreat with so much detail to observe in the woodwork. Also, notice how the bottom panels of the doors have a light shade of green on them. The ambience is completely relaxing and friendly.

Celerie Kemble Home in Dominican Republic 7

An incredible view. The cabanas, the grass around the pool, and the pots of bougainvillea make the view even better.