How Does Your Garden Grow?

I recently discovered the garden and landscape design of Kelly Husley. Her work is inspiring in the way she collaborates between the architecture of the home and architecture of the landscape she creates. She uses symmetry, differentiated heights, and eye popping botanical textures to enliven any backyard abode.

While her gardens are thoroughly executed, they are also effortlessly welcoming. Nothing feels too new, overdone, or overly contrived. There is an ease and familiarity in her application of design. If her gardens were a person. they would be the perfect friend. That being said, shouldn’t your garden be your friend too?!

Happy Tuesday my chic boxwood peeps!

Hulsey Garden 5

A lovely array of potted plants surround these symmetrical stepping stones and low lying fountain.

Hulsey Garden

Incredible sprays of green in these pots frame the door and the wall covering of green. Now that Spring is here, I can’t get enough of the color green!

Hulsey Garden 3

A downward hill flows with the design of cypress trees and tiers of flowered hedging.

Hulsey Garden 6

A dreamy display of white brick, low lying urns and iron work. She really has an eye for the visual appeal of gardens.

Hulsey Garden 7

Another view point of the home, where the landscape already tells you that what is inside is just as chic.

Hulsey Garden 2

I love the blue and white of the flowers against the lush greenery.

Hulsey Garden 8

An overarching branch perfectly frames the window and classic garden bench (very similar to the ones I grew up around).

Hulsey Garden 11

A magical shot of the flowering beds.

Hulsey Garden 12

Cypress tress flank each large pedestal pot of flowers.

Hulsey Garden 14

Stone steps lead to a watering fountain with well trimmed hedges. One of those visually pleasing elements that is not necessary, but so appreciated.

Hulsey Garden 18

Beautiful in every aspect. Those shutters are superb!

Hulsey Garden 20

Who said the path has to be straight?! It is more breathtaking when it varies.