Showered In Love

Shower is a word I hear far too much of recently.  Dallas rain showers (but really horrible thunderstorms), wedding showers, bridal showers, baby showers. There is a lot of showering that has been and will continue to happen in my life. My friend’s birthday is today, and I wanted to shower her with some design that is very much in tune with her taste. It is also the design of one of the most glamorous names in design (and in Dallas): Jan Showers.

How I haven’t had a post dedicated to her yet is beyond me. Her decor is modern sophistication, refined glamour, and chic style. She epitomizes a polished ambience that has such a signature appeal that you can instantly tell her tasteful touch by looking at a photo. I am so happy to share some of my favorite images of her work today. Dallas breeds good taste, and her design is the perfect example.

Happy Birthday Katlin. Hope you bring a little bit of Dallas sophistication into your new San Fran lifestyle. 😉

Jan Showers design 5

Love the urns of potted boxwood. This whole exterior is exceptional.

Entry by Jan Showers via Dering Hall

Jan has really perfected the look of sunburst mirrors. I would even go as far to say she was leader in making them a coveted object of desire in decor. She knows how to use them well.

Jan does yellow so well

Golden yellow accents give this room a cheerful hue.

Jan Showers design

A little bit of tradtion, antique, and modern glamour in this entry hall

Jan Showers design 3

I love it all. The way the colors work, the mix of modern and classic. The appeal of this room is tremendous. Those dark navy walls are to die!

Jan Showers design 4

A delightful display of pattern.

Jan Showers design 6

In my opinion, this is an ideal way to incorporate a screen in any room.

Jan Showers design 7

A luscious green canopy bedroom.

Jan Showers design 8

A neutral red and animal print bring pizazz to this sitting area by a posh fireplace.

Jan Showers design 9

Lots of light and white in this living room. Via Veranda

Jan Showers design 10

The light fixture (Jan), the screen (Jan), and the glass table top all work together to create a refined atmosphere.

Jan Showers quote

Quite possibly the best advice ever given in terms of design. Via House Beautiful

Library by Jan Showers via Traditional Home

An eclectic library with sharp paint, pattern. and a pop mix of everything.

Living area by Jan Showers via Veranda

Now that summer is approaching, all I want to see is potted palms. I think it is such an easy way to make a space ready for a new season.

Living room by Jan Showers

Showers is known for her glamorous rooms, and rightfully so! She knows how to make any space worthy of a highball and a ballgown. Via Veranda

via Camlle Styles

I love this little vignette. Jan Showers makes high-end design seem so effortlessly…glamorous.