Charming Character

People often dream of one day owning a big house. Sadly, I have seen too many big houses that, while spacious, lack character. Given the option, I choose character over size any day of the week. I am such a big proponent of homes that evoke emotions, not two wine cellars and a movie theater. I think the biggest challenge for people with big square-footage is how they bring it down to scale. My friend’s family in Atlanta has a beautiful big home, yet it has superb dimensions. When you see a large house that accomplishes that, there is a large chance there is someone with a very skillful eye as an occupant.

I love large homes, but I love character above all else. A home that has a personality, a whit, and a charm tends to have soft lighting, sweet shutters, and well-appointed landscaping. Curb appeal is real, and these sweet homes prove it. I think it is a great reminder as we start the week…

“ability may get you to the top, but character keeps you there.”- john wooden


A wonderfully shuttered home via The Potted Boxwood

A perfectly happy home that I took a picture of yesterday in my best friend’s neighborhood. Landscaping makes all the difference! Via The Potted Boxwood.


A charming Dallas home via The Potted Boxwood

A beautiful Greenway Parks home in Dallas. Just look at that garden gate. Via The Potted Boxwood

Sweet yelow Ivy covered home in Dallas via The Potted Boxwood

An inviting yellow home with lovely shutters and ivy covers. Via The Potted Boxwood

A perfect pathway to this small home

A black garden gate leads you to the type of home you would want to grow up in.

A porch style home

Large potted boxwood and a pup that looks perfectly content sitting on the porch all day.

A sweet cottage covered in roses


A plethora of flowers in window boxes, along the pathway, and on the home. A definite case of the more, the merrier. Wonderful! Photo by L.A. Brown Photgraphy

classic home with fabulous style

White house. four column entry, black shutters and lovely landscaping. My absolute favorite of them all.

Cotswold Cottage

Any type of espalier, climbing ivy, jasmine., etc….ALWAYS works. How enchanting is Cotswold Cottage!

Lovely porch on a small home

A southern charmer.

Home via Country Living

A charming entry way. Just looking at this, you know that the occupants live well and happily. Via Country Living

Ivy covered home via BHG

Green is the best paint there is! Just fabulous! Via BHG

Ols School House via Country Living

An old school house turned real house. What a great history and design. Via Country Living

Pretty small house via Southern Living

I love the railings, long black shutter, and potted palms. Such a coastal southern ambience. Via Southern Living

small home via Veranda

Simple, classic, and always in style. Via Veranda

Southern Living House Plan 1824

A white picket fence and very splendid landscaping. Potted Boxwood included. Via Southern Living

sweet cottage via Home Bunch

Hydrangeas cover this cottage that is fit for a New England coastal island. Via Homebunch

Tudor Guest home via Traditional Home

A steep eave and classical approach to this stone covered home. Via Traditional Home

white picket fences

An idyllic sweetness that makes you want to have a book, cup of tea, and an afternoon in the front garden.

Wisteria covered home entry

A wisteria covered entrance that oozes casual chic curb appeal.