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Lee Radziwill Home via NYT
This past weekend, one of the world’s most stylish figures left this world. Actually, to describe Lee Radziwill as stylish is almost underselling it. Better put, she epitomized chic in every sense of the word. Her demeanor, her family, her fashion, and her interiors were covetable to the public eye, including the most discerning.  From the mere way she held herself walking down the street, to the smart outfits that were seemingly effortless,  bystanders were left captivated in her wake.

Reading tributes to her on instagram were equally fascinating. Small encounters from people in the design world and beyond left little glimpses into the high-end, yet discreet life she lived. One follower of mine had me enthralled with her comment:
” I saw her a few times…once on a flight from NYC to San Diego. I studied her the whole flight. Sat by herself, her dog and housekeeper in other section, had a vodka and her own cracker, no dinner, then wrapped a silk scarf around her eyes and went to sleep. Woke up and had a sundae! So very chic!”
As a princess, an actress, and a decorator, she lived a truly interesting life in an era that was full of mystique and high style, but laced with privacy and intimacy. We are only left with glimpses of that time to inspire us to live like Lee- unabashedly chic.

Rest in Peace, Lee Radziwill (1933-2019)


I found this article gives such a glimpse into her personality


Lee Radziwill
Lee Radziwill home via AD
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Lee Radziwill Home via Vogue
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Lee Radziwill via Vogue

Lee Radziwill Home via Pinterst
via NYT
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