Friday Finds: Travel

Happy Friday! As Spring travel season is among us, I wanted to share some of my favorite travel essentials. I always share some of my best finds when traveling, and was recently asked by several followers to share more about what is in my favorite travel bags. Below, I share some the best products, tips, and tricks for traveling.

MY Tips:

Global Entry and Clear- lines give me anxiety
Stick to one airline. As great as Southwest and Jet Blue are, they don’t get you miles to use internationally (Europe/partner airlines).
I live in Dallas, so I fly American. I also use a credit card that earns miles on purchases. This March, I am flying first class to Europe free of charge- it’s worth it!
I prefer to book my trips by the type of plane. I have learned so much from following the points guy and one mile at a time.

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My Tricks:

On the plane, I use this rainse- free hand soap (fancy way to say hand sanitizer). I also use lavender oil behind my ears, on my wrists and on my temple. I find it to be calming.
I always buy two large bottles of water. One for the plane, and one for when I land. Water at hotels is even more overpriced than at the airport, so you may as well. I use this neck pillow, and this wrap to keep me comfortable while on the plane.
It could be 5am or 3am, but I will order a glass of wine to calm my nerves. Even for having a high-tiered status, flying will never feel totally comfortable for me. That is why I make it as luxurious as possible.
I always travel with this magical carry-on bag  (so much room I put my purse inside of it) and this suitcase brand (durable and can monogram).

International Routine:

Typically, I wear my standard travel uniform: jeans, sweater, tennis shoes, and belt to dress it up a bit. I wait until after dinner service (if flying up front) to change into these yummy sweats, this wireless bra (it keeps everything together while still being SO comfortable), my comfy cape that doubles as a blanket,  and a great pair of compression socks– they really are worth it. I also use a silk pillowcase to cover up the airplane pillow, makes a big difference than their scratchy linens.
Once in my seat, I remove my makeup with these makeup remover wipes. I always use two wipes. Once to get off all the makeup and another for a fresh sweep to make sure no residue is left behind. I have combination to oily skin, which many people don’t treat accurately in the air. My skin over produces oil because the air is so drying. After cleansing, I then apply this eye cream, and this face mask, which I keep on my face to maintain moisture. Planes are so drying, and if you have oily skin it is even worse.
About 30 min prior to landing, I change out of my sweats, wipe my face again and do my normal morning routine. This includes, hydrating serum, eye cream, and vitamin C. I also use retinol depending on how my skin is that day.


I also always bring along this and this, too!


I hope you find this helpful.

Happy Travels, friends!


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