Southern Accents

I was emailing with designer Lisa Hilderbrand recently and she mentioned how she read the “About” section on my website for the first time. What caught her attention was the mention of my love of Southern Accents magazine. Do you remember it? Some kids are addicted to video games, I was addicted to Southern Accents.

Growing up, that magazine would arrive in the mailbox and immediately find itself in my room. Pouring over every home on every page, I would keep it in my nightstand and go back over the luxurious images of interiors everyday after school and before bed.  In fact, I am not sure my mom ever got an opportunity to look at it. You may have heard me say it before, but my absolute favorite issue was the 2003 Southern Accents Show House in Dallas designed by Cathy Kincaid. Not to be rude to other show houses, but that was the epitome of a successful show house. It is still relevant today, which is exactly why I want to share it.

It is a forever reminder that good taste, timeless design, and beautiful fabric never go out of style.


photos via Cathy Kincaid and Pinterest