Visions of Home

I recently received a copy of a truly lovely new book titled Visions Home by Andrew Cogar and Historical Concepts. With complete honesty, the homes featured in this book are some of the most beautiful I have seen. They are dripping with character, perfectly scaled, and lushly landscaped. Upon reading it, I was immediately infused with inspiration. This book will truly transport you to another level of timelessly chic.

I have included some of my favorite quotes from the book in the visual feast you are about to preview below. Have a great day, friends!

photography by Eric Piasecki

You can purchase the book here:

Visions of Home

“Creating a narrative- as important to architecture as it is to literature or film- transforms a building from a collection of rooms into a place animated by a way of life, one informed by dreams”


“…crossing a room can bring forth a wellspring of emotions: recollections and experiences we can’t see but are very much there, ever-present and deeply felt”



“…a sure sense of authenticity, one that reminds both residents and guests to relax, stay awhile, and not take matters too seriously- emotions essential to the spirit of a house that is, above all, a gift to one’s friends.”


“The shared architectural DNA of the buildings, crisp interiors that reflect a familiar palette, and the organized yet relaxed landscape all converge to produce an effect at once timeless and contemporary.”


Visions of Home