Thunderstorms are in the forecast here in Dallas today.  I must admit it feels much more like April showers due to the fact that all my flowers are already in perfect bloom. It is surprising to me that Spring has sprung so early, considering this time last year I was recovering from the flu and watching the ground cover thick with ice and flurries of snow. I must admit, I am ready for the Spring Break mentality. Easy, colorful, and carefree.

To give you the sense of my mentality at the moment, I am in a constant day dream of India Hicks Bahamian colonial home. I am ready for white washed walls and white sandy beaches. The longing for the serene tranquility  of the ocean in a backdrop of  tropical patterns makes me hungry for high tea scones and freshly squeezed orange juice. India Hicks may have a legacy of royal lineage and high design, but she keeps her style airy, yet grounded. Her home is timeless, her ambience is island casual, and her home is breathtaking.

Photos via Veranda

India Hicks via VerandaIndia Hicks via Veranda 2

India Hicks via Veranda 10

India Hicks via Veranda 4

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