Fancy Nancy

As I am sure you have heard, former actress and First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away in her Bel Air home yesterday morning. While I was only a baby in her latter White House days, I feel a sense of dignity knowing I was brought into this world at a time when there was a sense of grace and elegant entertaining in the Nation’s capital. She possessed a charismatic decorum and an Emily Post sense of refinement, which is a rarity in today’s fast-fix, no rules society.

Her favorite color of red was often found in her wardrobe and in the patterns used throughout the privately funded remodeled White House. Mrs. Reagan was not afraid to make a statement, I only wish I had her no fear attitude of the robust color. On the contrary, all of their California homes were relaxed ranches with clean lined furniture. Their early day California home was designed as a G.E. home of the future, an ideal backdrop for a present day Baker furniture ad. All of their homes exude a quiet elegance and an atmosphere of high balls of scotch, deep belly laughter, and the smell of old books. She had impeccable taste, but was incredibly understated in her surroundings.

While she lived a long 94 years on this earth, I am sure she is back to her vibrant self next to Mr. Reagan,  remembering all of the love letters they shared and the everlasting Love they will look forward to up above.

“I said from the very beginning, I don’t want a big house, I don’t want big grounds, I don’t want the trouble with the maintenance and all of that.” – Nancy Reagan


Nancy and Ronald Reagan via Vanity Fair

Pre-White House California Home
The GE home of the future. All photos here from Carl Anthony 

Reagan California Home via Carl Anthony

A very mod courtyard in their California home.

Entry of Reagans Home

The entry of their home.

Reagan CA home

A carpeted dining room fitting for the time.

Reagan California Home

Another view of the Reagan living room.

Reagan Living Room via Carl Anthony

Comfortable and no frills rooms, full of simple and clean lined furniture.

President Reagan at his California home

Mr. Reagan in his study.

Pool at the Reagans home

Poolside with tufted yellow chaise longues.

Reagans at their pool

Ronald and Nancy by the pool, I think this picture sums up their love for another.

White House Years

“I always liked red. It’s a picker-upper.” – Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan White House via AD

Vibrantly red in a well stated room. She was the epitome of a lady who lunches.


The most talked about china in the cabinet. $200,000 of private money to revamp the White House China

Nancy Reagan and Elizabeth Taylor

The First Lady and Elizabeth Taylor in the White House.

Whie House TV dinner

The President and The First lady enjoying a high style TV dinner (this was either Governor’s mansion or white house). Look at that red and white Chintz and matching curtains. They both pull off that White House red so well.

Rancho del Cielo

Rancho Cielo

The President’s favorite low key escape: his ranch home on an incredible piece of land in Southern California.

Bel Air

Nancy and Ronald Reagan Bel Air Home

A picture taken in their Bel Air home on Mr. Reagan’s 89th birthday. I love the beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper in the background.

Nancy Reagan in her study via Vanity Fair

Nancy Reagan in her Bel Air home via Vanity Fair.

“You learn something out of everything, and you come to realize more than ever that we’re all here for a certain space of time, and, and then it’s going to be over, and you better make this count.” -Nancy Reagan