Stairways to Heaven

Have you ever been to party where there is plenty of good food, drinks, and entertainment, yet all you want to do is walk up stairs and tour the rest of the house? Frankly, I have been to my fair share. It is uncouth to ask for a tour, yet it is even more brazen to give one to yourself. I am not going to blame myself for this curiosity…it is completely the stairs fault. Often times there are pictures lining the wall or an interesting wallpaper, even really cool railings that just make me wonder what more design fun must be on the second floor.

If a home tells a story, then stairs are the ultimate transition. Wouldn’t you want to break the rules and climb these luxe stairways?

black white and gold_ via elements of style blog

What an effective wallpaper choice. The black, gold and white is refined, yet very current. Photo source: Elements of Style

1931 Charles C. Auchincloss House Stairways via Pinterest

1931 Charles C. Auchincloss House Stairway. Timeless in every way. I bet it will look just as elegant many years from now. Photo source: Pinterest

Architects Ferguson Shamamian

This spectacular Fort Worth entry was designed by Joesph Minton. Photo source:  Emily Minton Redfield

Black paneling via greige design

High-gloss black panelling around the stairs looks so very sharp. Photo source: Greige Design


Speaking of high-gloss black…what an entry! Photo source: Pinterest

cc-2_18 001

This is one way never to have trouble reaching the top of the bookshelf! Designed by Ferguson & Shamamian architects.

Evelyn Lauder Stairs photo by Douglas Friedman

Evelyn Lauder in her Palm Beach estate. The stairs face the entry instead of being the actual focal point of the entry. Also, look at the detail on the railing. She had exquisite taste. Photo by Douglas Friedman.

Coastal Living Room via House Beautiful

Perfect for a lake or beach house. I find it interesting how they used the small railings on the top of the landing. Photo source: House Beautiful

Gallery Wall

Not sure on my opinion of the paint color, but you can do no wrong with a gallery wall along a straight-up staircase. Photo source: Pinterest

Leopord Stairway via La Dolce Vita Blog

Oh what fun! The runner really adds a pop of energy in this understated hallway. Photo source: La Dolce Vita Blog 

Mark D. Sikes

So much light and sophistication in this hallway by Mark D. Sikes. Photo source: Mark D. Sikes

Miles Redd Stairs

Miles Redd creates such a distinguished, yet playful staircase. Look at the incorporated colors. Photo source: Elle Decor

Parent Trap Stairways via Hooked on Houses

I know this is a rather small and grainy image, but please tell me you recognize this? “Annie, is that you?” Shed a tear for Lindsey Lohan’s innocence, for the passing of the chic Natasha Richardson, and then take a moment to remember how many Hard Candy nail polishes you would have traded to live at 7 Pinprick Lane (The Parent Trap). I may have lost some of you here, but if you know good design then you know a Nancy Meyer’s movie when you see one. More to come on her fab film decor.

Orange walls and stairs via laura casey interiors

Somewhat similar with the orange, but notice how they used black to line the wall panels. So smart. Photo source: Pinterest

Pheobe Howard Fabulous

Now these are some of my all time favorite stairs designed by Phoebe Howard. I love the dramatic structure of the stairs and the leopard runners.

Stairs in the Kitchen via Jo Ann Richards

Because who doesn’t want stairs in their kitchen? This may not be the most practical concept (think up and down for dinner parties, cheerios in the Jute runner, missing a step with china in hand), but it sure adds an element of surprise and interest to a kitchen. Photo source: Houzz

Stairs via Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams designed this long island estate. Very polished and stately.

Wide Stairway entry via Pinterest

I really like this wide-open entry with the stairs off to the side. I just want to grab a coffee table book and take a seat on the bench. Photo source: Pinterest

Zebra and Gallery wall via Pinterest

A tufted chair on the landing, a collection of black and white prints, and a BEYOND tasteful zebra runner- I’m in love. Photo source: Pinterest