Collected Interiors by Philip Mitchell

True story- Philip Mitchell was one of my very first followers on instagram. I launched The Potted Boxwood in 2014 and like attracted like. A Canadian, Philip would post pictures of his chic Toronto apartment and charming country home. In fact, his small but beautifully designed kitchen became one of my most favorite pictures and most popular repost. So when I heard Philip was launching a coffee table book, I knew it would be equally tasteful and inspiring.

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Patina Homes

Occasionally a new coffee table book hits the market and it is beautiful to look at for a day…and then you never open it again. When you have a true stand-out and staple book, you find yourself referring to it over and over again. The new book Patina Homes by Steve and Brooke Giannetti most certainly belongs in the stand-out category. While their beautiful California home is noteworthy for it’s light-filled architecture, effortlessly inviting decor, and lushly sophisticated gardens, the Gianetti’s also focus on architecture and interiors for clients as well.

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Book Club

Have you ever noticed how when a child is given a choice between reading a chapter book and a picture book, the picture book is usually the more appealing option. Who doesn’t like glossy pages of pictures on a subject you love?! I think adults are the same way. The only difference between children and adults is that we call our picture books coffee table books. It is the chic adult way to admire beautiful pictures of beautiful things.

This fall there are a plethora of fabulous designers releasing coffee table books on their style and design aesthetic. I have listed just some of the wonderful new titles that you can purchase the end of this month or next month. Click the pictures for links to purchase! Have a great weekend. Enjoy a “picture book” or two!

Veranda A Passion For Living

Veranda releases A Passion For Living by Caroline Englefield. Available October 7th.

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

Absolutely Beautiful Things by Australia’s colorful queen of decor, Anna Spiro. Available October 22nd.

Desiging Paradises_Robert Courier

Designing Paradises by Robert Couturier. Available September 23rd.

Elle Decor The Height of Style

Elle Decor: The Height of Style by Michael Boodro. Available Now!


Interiors by the chic designer Jean-Louis Deniot (often on TPB). Available September 30th

Marella Agnelli_ The Last Swan

The Last Swan by Marella Agnelli. Available October 14th.

Markham Roberts_Decorating The Way I See It

Decorating The Way I See It by Markham Roberts. Available September 30th

Tory Burch in Color

In Color by Tory Burch (featured on TPB earlier). Available October 14th

Valentino_At the Emperors Table

At The Emperors Table by Valentino. Available October 1st.

Vogue_The Metropolitian Museum of Art Costume Insititute

Vogue and The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute: Parties, Exhibitions, People. Available September 23rd.