The Lovely Work Of Isabel Lopez-Quesada

“Why do a house in just one style?” This is a quote of the Spanish designer Isabel Lopez-Quesada. Her words ring true in so many ways. Why classify your home as one breed. Whether modern, traditional, French country, or Spanish colonial, your design doesn’t have to be pigeon holed into one category. Lopez- Quesada skillfully follows her own philosophy in her approach to creating an ambient space.

Her rooms border on contemporary and classic. She picks the perfect splash of color in rooms that are timelessly adorned. I especially admire her ability to transform outdoor spaces into elegant spaces. Abundant boxwood, greenery, and flowing fountains are constants in every garden she creates. Lopez-Quesada is not a name you may recognize right away, but it is one you should know. Her design is remarkably talented, understated, and over the top .

Photos not labeled are via Pinterest.

Isabel Lopez Quesada 2

Chic and easy living in this neutral toned space. I love those shelves to the ceiling and the extra fabric heading on the curtains. Isabel Lopez Quesada 3

Potted boxwood, pattern, yet a very current outdoor living space.

Isabel Lopez Quesada 4

A timeless bathroom with more modern touches regarding the frosted glass and chrome walls. The floors are the perfect juxtaposition.

Isabel Lopez Quesada 12

An outdoor area made of my dreams. Blue shutters and a white home. Potted boxwood for days, hedging around the pool, and abundant green growing along the walls. Via AD

Isabel Lopez Quesada 5

Layered paint, distressed hardwood, and high ceilings make a beautifully casual environment.

Isabel Lopez Quesada 6

A sweet and enchanting courtyard with potted boxwood and an intimate sitting area.

Isabel Lopez Quesada 7

Can we just talk about the tub?! I mean the tub! Is that basket weave? Is that real? Could the wallpaper be more perfect?!

Isabel Lopez Quesada 15

Classic elements in the bench and flooring layered with modern art and accessories. Let us not forget the blue and white planters. Isabel Lopez Quesada 9

Small pairs of open air steps in a very collected and easily livable light-filled room.   Isabel Lopez Quesada 13

Wooden nail head doors flanked by a mix of pots of boxwood. Isabel Lopez Quesada 14

An outdoor oasis and iron canopy daybed. I don’t think I would ever leave. Via AD

Isabel Lopez Quesada 16

A black door with a knob in the middle. Simple, clean, and divine.

Isabel Lopez Quesada 17

Another view of the outdoor living area.. A patio of perfection.

Isabel Lopez Quesada 1

A more collected and traditional living area. This is definitely my speed. Lush fabrics, warm colors, and ideal accessories. Isabel Lopez Quesada 11

Did I mention I love potted boxwood? 😉