The Potted Boxwood Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Welcome to The Potted Boxwood 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! I have rounded up some of my favorite things, items that I love, and products that come highly recommended from close friends (especially in the kids and “for him” categories). I have listed a few standouts under each category as well!

Click the pictures for links to the products! 

I will continue to update more products here, and be back with y’all for Black Friday to highlight more deals, plus a Christmas Decor post and home tour! Merry Merry!

see past years guide guides HERE!

Under $75

This very Hermes inspired wrap is so soft and wonderfully chic for the price point. A best seller for a reason!

Another popular item are these cordless lamps and a very appealing price point. Perfect for outdoor entertaining and spots where a plug is not easy to come by!

These pot holders and oven mitts make a really chic and thoughtful gift for anyone. A great hostess gift!

A fun and elevated slipper for an extra pep in your step!


This acryllic book display stand makes a great present paired with a coffee table book- see my favorites below!

These are my nightly sheets. A true luxury! Of course, I love my amazon sheets too!

If you follow me on instagram, you know I have fallen in love with playing Mahjong. This tablecloth is perfect for games. They have other patterns too!

For my mom reading this, I would like four of these mugs for Christmas. Thank you and love you! Surely drinking coffee from these mugs will add to the joy of the mornings. 🙂 Also, just one is fine too…

These makeup towels make a great gift for anyone and a reasonable price point.

I love the look of these wine tumblers, and a great price for the set!

These patterned hand towels are not only pretty, but actually absorb!

You could put a set of these cute bamboo utensils in this pretty blue and white pot and it would make such a nice gift!

When I asked my friends the favorite thing they bought this year, one of them said a super large stainless mixing bowl. Can’t beat it for the cooks in your world!



If there is one thing y’all need to know about- it is this! My friend was wearing this rain wrap at lunch the other rainy day. It is reversible, lightweight, and comes in different patterns.

I gave this initial bracelet to my friend on her 40th birthday, and I have to admit I really wanted one too! It is delicate and lovely. I love everything on this site!

These wraps make a beautiful gift and come in lovely packaging.

I recently purchased these slippers. My uggs have not worn well and I trust the barefoot dreams brand! Will update the comment after wearing!

Tennis bracelets are big in style this year.

Not pictured, but this cocktail mix makes a wonderful gift and tasty drinks!

Own this bag and love it. Very popular for a reason- they look chic and are indestructible.

These puffer jackets are high quality in substance and style.

The mules I wear almost daily! A very fabulous shoe that is comfortable and wears well, plus you can’t beat the price.

This would be a very luxe gift for anyone, but especially moms using kids initials. Husbands take note!

My favorite pajamas. All I wear.

Out of all my sweaters, I gravitate towards this one time and again. The fit and quality are remarkable. They have a less expensive cotton version as well- linked HERE.

Beauty & Athleisure

Ask my favorite beauty product of the year, and it is this one. I apply it down the center of my nose and up my cheek bones. Then, I use blush on top (very lightly on the nose). It gives a wow worthy effect.

This lip color is pretty on its own, but is equally stunning layered with other colors.

Not pictured, but my friend Amity swears by these face pads. They make your face radiate before an event. Put them on right before your maekup!

I sleep on this silk pillowcase every night. Great quality and pretty patterns.

This compact mirror with a light is absolutely genius! This should be a stocking stuffer on every list!

Is the Air Wrap worth it? Yes! I use it everyday. The only reason I don’t still have a drybar membership.

My shampoo and conditioner– I am a fan! My salon can’t keep the yellow bottles in stock, so that says something!

The tennis skirt that broke the internet, and you don’t even need to play tennis ha! This walking skirt has a zipper pocket in the back and two side pockets to hold your phone. It is cute and inexpensive! If your middle isn’t your friendliest, you may want to size up #truth

I only like these tops for workouts. Soft and hit in all the right places. If you prefer sleeves, these are great too!

My personal favorite sock brand now makes grip socks for pilates.

I own multiple of these tops. Great over a workout tank or running errands. Exceptional quality. Shorter in the front and longer in the back so I don’t feel as exposed running in the grocery store in workout leggings!


This guide is brought to you by my friends’ husbands. 

These shirts are adored by most men, from dads to husbands and ex-boyfriends in between. The Gameday apparel is a great gift for grads or super fans!

Golf guys love this rangefinder.

These polos are very comfortable and are great for all shapes and sizes.

These shorts are very comfortable for lounging or outside of the house!

The game of battlechip Is fun all around- golfer or not!


This travel section looks similar from years past because they are my staples!

If you travel, you need these in everything. It can locate precisely the location of anything and connects to your iPhone. I have one in my checked bags, carry on, and even my tote bag. That way you never have to wonder where your luggage is! It saved a lot of people headaches during the bag fiasco this summer with traveling!

You can’t go wrong with this tote bag. I prefer the large deluxe since it has straps to go over your suitcase handle. This is my mary poppins bag. It fits anything and everything!

My carry on and my check bagged are from this brand. I have been impressed with the quality and feel this suitcase glides the best!

This light foldable backpack is perfect for traveling. It can also slide over your suitcase. Great for those trips where you come home with a little extra. One of Oprah’s favorite things this year too! Monogrammed options HERE!


Brought to you by my mom friends! The largest contributor is a pediatric nurse who whole heartedly attested to these products. I second them with my education background!

Pictured top second left is an adorable new line called Little Gray Peach. This is my favorite gift to give these days. They make collard onsies and shirts with removable monogrammed tabs. That means you can save the onsies and switch the monogram for different kids or holidays. Truly genius and wonderful quality! shop HERE




Because we all deserve a little splurge!

But let’s talk about that Herend golf ball!

My friend says this belt is all the rage in high fashion world. It is perfect to belt a dress!

I own this structured cape and I get a plethora of compliments! One of my favorite things I own.

You can also get all of these bags personalized so it doesn’t say Christian Dior.

This is my everyday bag. An investment, but long lasting!

A little bit of everything

These down filled (and alternative down option) travel pillows are the best for your head and neck when traveling!

How clever is this wine bottle clutch!? Perfect for nights when you byob, or need to bring a hostess gift and are ubering around town.

These hats are always a fan favorite.