The Purfect Accessory

A year ago today, I brought home a very tiny and furry friend. Since then, my black pug Emmie has made life all the more interesting! I have always loved pugs. They are quirky and inject immense personality into any room they enter. I also believe they are the ideal accessory to any home (hear me out!). From the Duke and Duchess of Windsor to Valentino, pugs tend to find themselves in chic places all over the world.

Why is that? After all, they shed like crazy and have sneaky habits that aren’t fine furniture friendly. I think it is due to their combination of stubborn whit and fearless personality. They are a breed whose origin is first traced to the the Chinese Prince of the House of Orange and that spread to France and other European royal families.

Pugs tend to find their way into photo shoots of design and in homes of famed designers. As a tribute to Emmie’s first year with me, here is a glimpse of her purfect breed in design.

Emmie The Potted Boxwood Pug at home

Emmie (destroying a green crocodile tray). Typical.

Katie Lee Joesls West Village kitchen by Nate Berkus in Domino

Nate Berkus designed this West Village kitchen for Katie Lee Joel and her sweet pug. Photo source: Domino

Older Pug in dining area by Albert Hadley via Elle Decor

A white dining area with a very white pug. Photo source: Elle Decor

Cecil beaton and pug via Mark D Sikes Blog

Cecil Beaton with a chic pug in this garden room. Photo source: Mark D. Sikes

Cheerful room via House Beautiful

A cheerful room and a playful pug. Photo source: House Beautiful

David Hicks with his pug

The legendary designer David Hicks with his pug.

Pug in A Closet by Natasha Esch via Elle Decor

A pug in a fashionable and stylish closet by Natasha Esch. Photo source: Elle Decor

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with her pugs

The Duchess of Windsor with some of her chic pugs.

Duke and Duchess of Windsors Home

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor really did love their pugs.

Pug and Potted Boxwood

A pug and a potted boxwood.

Pug in a room featured in Elle Decor

A casual and relaxed living space. Photo source: Elle Decor

Pug in a room of colored books

A pug enjoying  the company of some very colorful books.

Ralph Lauren Fall 2013

Ralph Lauren even enjoyed the presence of pugs in his 2013 ads.  A timeless accessory with classic furniture.

The Pug on the window bench makes this blue and white better

While the blue and white, as well as beautiful views may distract you, be sure not to miss the sleeping pug by the back right corner. What a life!

Valentino with one of his pug in AD

Of course, no pug post would be complete without the fashionable Valentino. He is known for his love of Pugs. Photo source: Architectural Digest

Valentinos Home in Rome

Valentino with more of his pugs outside of his home in Rome.

Emmie The Potted Boxwood Pug 2

Of course, none are cuter than this sweet Emmie girl.