The Queen of Halloween

If you didn’t guess who I am speaking of when I say “Queen of Halloween,” you clearly were born in the post- insider trading era. Martha, Martha, Martha. If there is ever anyone to do everything right and everything tasteful regarding Halloween (or any special occasion), Martha Stewart surely reigns for this lifetime. Martha is the ultimate hostess with the most fabulous decorations and DIY ideas that are fit for any skilled handy-man.

Martha Stewart‘s name is synonymous with good taste, tasty recipes, and clever ideas for those that celebrate holidays in full force. While I could share my strategies for halloween decor (velvet pumpkins and white pumpkins stuffed with beautifully dried flowers), there are some things that Martha can explain and share so much more thoroughly.

Here are just some of my favorite Halloween ideas from the Queen of Halloween! Have a Happy, Spooky, and Tasteful day!

All images from Martha Stewart.

For Halloween Decor Tips

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