What’s In A Name

I was recently gifted the most incredible placemats made of preserved boxwood. They are exceptionally crafted and will make the most stunning tablescape (be on the lookout for an instagram post soon). Boxwood can be very tricky, not only to grow, but even in preserved or artificial forms. It can be unreasonably expensive if it is made well, or look disastrously cheap if it is not of good quality.

Today, I wanted to share some of my favorite boxwood finds, as well as links to all things “boxwood.” I love to use it indoors, outdoors, and in all places unexpected. For instance, next to my sink I have a small boxwood topiary (see below), that adds such a sweet element of chic. So check out these boxwood beauties, and let me know if you have more “boxwood” favorites to share!


Fun Fact: A reader once reminded me that the plural form of “boxwood” is “boxwood.” There is no such thing as the word “boxwoods.” A good reminder to all of my readers and plant fans.


Boxwood Garden Advice



The more boxwood the better.

Terrain Boxwood placemat for parties

Terrain Boxwood Placemat

The better-in-person boxwood placements that I am absolutely in love with!

Preserved Boxwood Balls

Preserved boxwood spheres from the namesake Boxwoods in Atlanta.

Boxwood Interiors Houston

Boxwood Interiors in Houston is on my list of places to visit. It looks like their boxwood style is right up my alley!

Preserved Boxwood speheres via Resteration Hardware

Restoration Hardware always does a great job with their preserved boxwood. Just remember, it doesn’t go outside (It will fade/yellow).

Preserved Boxwood Topiary



I love the style of this boxwood topiary tree. All you need is to place it in a beautiful blue and white urn!

Boxwood Linens

Again, another Houston store I need to visit. Judging from their unique and exquisite monogrammed linens featured on instagram, I am already a fan!


Several of these miniature boxwood were surrounding my stocking this Christmas. I keep one by my sink, and bring out the set for a luncheon or dinner tablescape.


One of my favorite (and most all time viewed) posts, “A Tale of Two Boxwoods.” It features this Nashville Boxwood Estate.

Rollins Residence

It also features Danielle Rollins former home designed by Miles Redd, The Boxwood House in Atlanta.