Toile Time

Toile de Jouy, otherwise known simply as toile (rhymes with y’all), is a pattern that has not been very visible the last couple of years. There was a period in time it had quite the comeback about 7/8 years ago. It was referred to as the wallpaper of choice by many a chick lit novel and also made it’s way onto my twin dorm bed in hues of pinks and greens during my freshman year of college.

I feel toile is a fabric that you either understand and appreciate, or you shy away from it claiming it is “too busy” or “too old lady.” Side note- I hate the phrase “old lady.” It really just means it is something that is classic and long lasting. Things may often look “staid” or “stuffy,” but don’t insult a generation of housewives who didn’t shy away from bold pattern. I digress. My point is that toile is not for everyone (just like chintz, damask, and paisley). However, with so many patterns and so many colors, toile can really be applicable in any home. From the images below, it is clear to me it will never go out of style.

Unlike Paisley, which I avoid at all costs. ha! Happy Monday boxwood friends!


A purple toile in the Scandavian Home of Nicolette Horn via House Beautiful

Pops of purple in this tropically toile home in Scandinavia by Nicolette Horn. Via House Beautiful

Blue and white toile chairs in dining room via Veranda

Enchanting and elegant blue and white toile chairs in this classic dining space. Via Veranda

Blues onBlues in this toile sitting area

Speaking of blue and white, a stately display of pattern in this traditional living area. Via

Green and white toile bedroom via Elle Decor

One of my favorite green and white toile bedrooms that looks like a serene and fresh oasis. Via Elle Decor

Miami apartment with an unexpected blue toile for the walls via House Beautiful

A more modern twist of the traditional toile in this vibrantly blue bedroom. I love the ombre of color and how the zebra rug makes the room more casual. Via House Beautiful

Toile bathroom cutains in Easton home via AD

Toile curtains against this gorgeously green bathroom in the Easton home. Via AD

Green and white toile with accents of blue via Traditional Home

A perfect mix of toile and hues of blue. This is the kind of room you want to sleep in for days and curl up with a good book. Via Traditional Home

Toile Bedroom by David Kleinberg via AD

An iconic bedroom in blue and green toile by David Kleinberg. Via AD

Toie walls and modern flair b Gideon Mendelson via House Beautiful

A modern twist of toile and color in this space by Gideon Mendelson. Never be afraid to mix pattern! Via House Beautiful

Toile bedroom via Elle Decor

Dramatic black and white toile envelops this bedroom retreat on the walls, curtains, and bedspread. Via Elle Decor

toile throw in bedroom by Marston Lice via Veranda

A country chic and sweet bedroom by Marston Lice. Via Veranda

Toile magic in alexis traina's bedroom via Elle Decor

Trevor and Alexis Traina have quite the flair in their paneled bedroom. Complete with modern art, yellow linens, and vibrant toile. Via Elle Decor