Architectural Delight: McAlpine Tankersley

I recently featured a home designed by Lisa Hilderbrand that was featured in Traditional Home. It was stunning in it’s design and perfectly scaled in it’s landscapes. I also really admired  the restorative work done by architects McAlpine Tankersley. Sure, I have heard their names before, but I didn’t really grasp how much of their work I have loved and recognized until recently.

McAlpine Tankersley doesn’t just create a house, they create the ideal home. Every nook is well thought out, wonderfully arranged, and perfectly placed. They capture the awe factor without neglecting the importance of warmth, timeless style, intriguing architectural elements that make you look twice when driving by. Each home is so distinct that at first you don’t realize it is the same architectural firm (as is often the case with many architects). That is a true testament to their creative abilities, and their flexibility when appealing to their world-wide clientele.

This Alabama based firm has me longing for one of their sweet homes. Until then, enjoy these images, most of which are from their website


A perfect pathway peek at the pool and this McAlpine Tankersley home.

Home designed by Lisa Hilderbrand and McAlpine Tankersley in Charleston

The home I featured earlier designed by Lisa Hilderbrand featured in Traditional Home. McApine Tankersely knows how to make an entrance.

A Dallas staple by McAlpine Tankersley via Veranda

For my Dallasites, this is probably a home you have passed by a million times. It sits on a familiar corner of Highland Park. This is the side view of the house, which many often confuse as the front. I must say, as a freshman in college, I didn’t understand it, but I have learned to truly love and appreciate it’s architectural significance. I remember reading in the 2009 Veranda when it was featured, that the owners were avid art collectors. At night when the home is lighted, you can clearly see it display their works beautifully.

In awe of everything by McAlpine Tankersley

Do I even need to comment? Topiaries, symmetry, and classic elegance.

French inspired townhouse by McAlpine Tankersley

A french inspired home, that is charmingly delightful. Love the lush surroundings.

McAlpine Tankersley boxwood perfection

True timeless architecture. To me, this is the kind of house in which you would want to grow up!

McAlpine Tankersley create beams and views

Notice the beams on the ceiling and the stair rails above it. That is such a significant focal point of the room, almost more so than the view!

McAlpine Tankersley driveway

Is this not a driveway of dreams? The large European inspired doors, the walkway across, and the romantically designed cabana area on top. See more below.

private cabana in home by McAlpine Tankersley

Truly awe inspiring. Something that may not seem practical to most, but adds that special piece that is often missing in the average home.

McAlpine Tankersley gorgeous creole

A little creole inspiration in this home entry. I love the depth of the green in the shutters and door paint. I love that their homes are never cookie cutter or overly embellished.

McAlpine Tankersley hallway via Things That Inspire

A light-filled entry way that makes for an impeccable welcome.

Napa Valley home by McAlpine Tankersley

This Napa Valley home offers a courtyard style entry with plentiful landscaping and approachable design.

front door

Look at the details of the chain, the lantern, the door color, and of course the beautifully potted plants (can’t tell if that is boxwood).

Rosemary beach home by McAlpine Tankersley

A rosemary beach masterpiece. A perfect juxtaposition of contrast with many elements of surprise (those nooks and crannies I love).

Shutter Love in this home by McAlpine Tankersley

I shutter at the thought…not. So much to love.

stately classic by McAlpine Tankersley

A backyard oasis with a delightful display of columns, steps, and urns.