Where is the Brown Furniture?

Bunny Williams

design by Bunny Williams via AD

I was recently having dinner with some friends, and one of the guests was a very stylish and savvy woman (in her mid sixties if I had to guess- her son is one of the most famous photographers of our generation). We were talking  about how design is slowly transitioning back to traditional elements. Blue & white, wallpaper, and pretty patterns are definitely becoming more of a main stream design staple (for those of us already timeless with taste, nothing groundbreaking). That said, the dinner guest did have a comment that made me stop a little in my tracks and really think.

She said, “Gone are the days of brown furniture, which is pretty much my entire home. I don’t think it will ever quite come back in style or be relevant to this new generation.”

I was so struck by this comment, I couldn’t muster up a thought or even an opinion. However, I left Sunday night dinner thinking of all the real wood furniture that is in my parents’ home and my grandmother’s home. Being an only grandchild and only child, I was immediately taking inventory in my head. It is a LOT of brown furniture, but it is all so beautiful. Then, I started thinking of my own townhouse full of hand-me-downs, but most none of which are brown furniture. That said, I think the previous generations had too many shades of brown furniture in every room.
This lead me down a rabbit hole… maybe that is what is missing these days.  Everything currently in homes is shiny and new, and people are making a killing of taking old wooden pieces and painting them in shiny colored lacquer. While beautiful, I have to wonder if it is something we all will regret.  I recognize I will really solidify my “young grandma” status if I start filling my home with beautiful brown wood furniture, but I think it needs to be done. We need more of a balance. In the midst of all the glossy, we need some authenticity.  We have pattern and we have texture, but where is the hint of authentic antique glamour that is brown wood furniture?

Do we keep it in the past or embrace it in our future? Love to hear your thoughts!

Sarah BarholomewSarah Bartholomew adds punches of color with beautiful brown wood furniture.

James Farmer

Elegant entry hall designed by James Farmer.


Amanda Lindroth Amanda Lindroth uses beautiful wooden furniture and frames to contrast her light and airy aesthetic.
Hanna Seabrook
The home of the very talented Hanna Seabrook, founder of Gadabout. Image via Southern Living

Mark Sikes via Veranda

Mark Sikes is so talented with timeless.
Ann Wolf I love the juxtaposition of the modern art and antiques. Design by Ann Wolf


Eric Ross creates traditional southern elegance with beautiful antiques.
Ashley Whittaker via Harpers Bazaar Ashley Whittaker always creates chic and classic interiors.

Cathy Kincaid

Natural elements in every corner in this room by Cathy Kincaid.

Charlotte Moss

Charlotte Moss creates rooms that will look just as fabulous 100 years from now. Image via Veranda
Charles Faudree
Charles Faudree the king of French country style. Image via Pinterest