Entertaining Beautifully


If someone were to ask my current style icon of this generation I would not even hesitate with an answer. Aerin Lauder is the epitome of effortless taste, graceful sophistication, and beautiful entertaining. That is why it comes as no surprise that her new book, Entertaining Beautifully, embodies all those wonderful traits. It is a vivid glimpse inside the eyes and mind the very chic Aerin. Here is a preview below!

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Kips Bay Dallas


Are you ready for the ultimate visual treat for your eyes! Kips Bay Dallas is just that, and a very worthwhile cause as well. Opening to the public today through the end of the month, the Kips Bay Dallas Show House is a spectacular Preston Hollow home transformed into a maximalist’s dream. For those of you who aren’t in Dallas and can’t make the show house, I have a treat for you today!

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James Farmer: Arriving Home


When I think of graceful southern design that is warm, welcoming, and every bit chic- James Farmer immediately comes to mind. I have had the pleasure to meet James on two separate occasions, and I can tell you he is just as warm, welcoming, and chic as his interiors. His personality is vibrant and colorful, while being authentically true to his southern roots. As you can see below, that is reflected in all of his projects. This is particularly highlighted in his new book, Arriving Home.

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Blue & White GIVEAWAY: Beyond The Curb with Collins Interiors

In case you missed it, I launched a new instagram live series called, Beyond The Curb. For my first episode, we tour the super chic home of Cynthia Collins of Collins Interiors. Also, if you love blue & white plates as much as I do, you are in luck! We are going to giving away a pair on instagram! Click the link below for details. I hope you enter and I hope you have as much fun as I did exploring her gem of a home!
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Beyond The Curb with Cynthia Collins


I am thrilled to announce a new blog series titled, Beyond the Curb. While curb appeal (and lots of potted boxwood) makes a house inviting, it is the inside that truly counts. This Sunday (8/16) at 4pm CT, we are going to step inside the new home of Cynthia Collins of Collins Interiors. Trust me y’all, you won’t want to miss this treasure trove of chicly colorful, playfully patterned interiors. It is a breathe of fresh air!

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Nordstrom SALE: My Finds


By popular demand, many of you have asked for me to round-up some of my favorite Nordstrom Anniversary Sale finds. I will say, I feel I found a LOT more this year than last! The sweaters are staples, along with my favorite bras, sneakers, workout tops, blankets, pajamas and pillowcases. My purchases this year also included these wonderful flutter sleeve tops that I ADORE, A Barbour jacket that I have always had my eye on, jeans, and chic blush wine glasses (I bought some new regular wine glasses too).

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Acquisitions Dallas

Are you constantly looking for a home store that has the ideal collection of old meets new? I am! Acquisitions is one of the best spots in Dallas for sophisticated furniture and timeless accessories that are available right off the floor. They aren’t afraid of classic brown furniture, or adding some fresh pieces to mix up a space and keep a room relevant. I am so excited to share more details with you here today!
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Dorm Decor

I don’t know about you, but my college dorm room was pretty pitiful. Of course, I made it nice and cheerful, but there really isn’t a lot you can do with ugly tan “wood” furniture crammed into a tight musty space. Long gone are those dorm days. You would not believe the decoration transformation that can take place when you put the dorm decor in the hands of the experts. There is one company that knows the layouts of the college dorm rooms, what you need to make it functional, and how to make the room down-right dreamy.
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Mask Marvelous

Let’s face it, whether you like them or not, face masks have become our latest accessory. There are some pretty adorable masks floating around out there. Think about when kids go back to school or our simple trips to the grocery store- they will be required. We may as well make the best of this wild time. I’ve gathered together some of my favorites below. If you see any cute ones out there, feel free to post links in the comments.
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