Beyond the Curb Home Tour with HFC Interiors

I recently went to Atlanta to tour the beautifully chic home of Jenifer Mills of HFC Interiors. A renown firm in the multi family space, HFC Interiors recently launched a spectacular residential division. The talent and breadth of their design work is widely reflected in this stunning home that is wonderfully collected and full of incredible art. 

Jenifer uses a sophisticated color palette and handsome finishes that envelop you with a worldly charm from the moment you walk through the door. There is also a refreshing sense of calm and an attitude that is relaxed, yet polished. It is a spot-on reflection of the owner herself. Isn’t that what interiors should be? A mirror image of those who live there. A testament of a great designer is being able to do just that, and as you will see here HFC interiors does it masterfully.


I hope you all enjoy this fab tour that has all the right touches of modernity and antiquity. A lovely thanks to Jenifer for taking us through her family home.